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Over two thousand years back, there was a small town known as “Ankottak ” (today we know as “Akota”) on the western bank of river Vishvamitri. The earliest mention of Vadodara is in a granth or charter of 812 that identifies it as Vadapadraka, a village attached to the nearby town of Ankottaka. In 600 AD severe floods in Vishvamitri forced the inhabitants to move to the eastern side of the river to a village known as “Vatpatrak” (Leaf of Banayan tree).  

Also once it was called Chandanavati after its ruler Raja Chandan, who wrested itfrom the Jains. Later on it was known as “Vatodar” which means ‘In the heart of the Banyan tree’. Later it developed into “Vadodara”.

Again early English travellers and merchants call the town as Brodera and from that the name Baroda is derived. Again in 1974, the official name was changed back to Vadodara.

So! no matter what we call, Baroda or Vadodara, it surely is a lovely city for Barodians.

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