Champaner, Gujarat

Champaner is located at a distance of around 47 km from Vadodara city and at the foothill of the Pavagadh hill.  Champaner is a historical place where you can find an old palace, fort, several mosques, but also walk the ancient streets just as its inhabitants did five centuries ago.

History :
The history of Champaner started a mere 500 years ago. If we look back in Champaner’s history the city had its rise and fall for many times. Champaner was founded in the 8th century by King Vanraj Chavda. Pavagadh and the city of Champaner were captured by the Chauhan Rajputs around 1300 AD, and they ruled the area for almost the next two hundred years. Mahmud Begda captured Pavagadh and Cahmpaner in 1484. He renamed the city Muhammadabad, spent 23 years renovating and enhancing the city, and moved his capital there from Ahmedabad. Champaner’s time as capital was not long, however, as the Mughal Emperor Humayun conquered the city in 1535. Because the Mughals had captured both Gujarat and Malwa, the capital was moved back to Ahmedabad. For the next four centuries or so, the city was in decline. After then at one point it was occupied by the Marathas, but it was never given any importance. The city rose and fell almost as fast as the modern stock market, but left behind far more aesthetic remains.
In 2004 Champaner became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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