Getting into the right Preschool

Preschool is the first and most important step in your child’s education journey. Getting into the right preschool is very important. Not many Parents know this, but it is true that preschools are not regulated by any education board. Each preschool is free to set its own curriculum and choose its own teaching methods. So it is very important to find out about the teaching patterns and educational activities carried by the Preschool you child will attend.

  • Preschool is actually preparing your child for school. So it is equally important that the preschool you are selecting does not stress only on education. Kids in this age need to explore world around them. Kids learn socializing skills like sharing, being respectful, following instructions and understanding the classroom rules and get used to school environment.
  • There are some Montessori preschools out there.¬† Montessori is method of teaching which uses a lot of tools and equipment to teach children their basics. Ideally preschooler kids have to explore and learn on their own. ¬†Kids who are very curious and questioning attitude Montessori Preschool are better choice since they want to explore and dig through the knowledge. This is very good way of learning but a lot of time I have observed that for some kids where they require little more guidance and the other kids in the class are not very curious Montessori preschool does not work well.
  • There are some Preschools based on play-way method where a lot of emphasis on play, songs, group as well as individual activities to teach kids. Most preschools follow this way of learning.
  • There are some other elements that are equally important while selecting Preschool for your little like the school premises should be safe and clean. It should be spacious and airy; giving kids enough room to play. The Preschool building should ideally have a separate bathroom for kids preferably for girls and boys.
  • The teachers should be qualified in early child hood education. They should provide a personal and caring environment for the child to feel at home at the same time they should be skilled enough to control the kids so they behave and follow classroom rules.
  • An Ideal Preschool would not have more than 15 to 20 kids with 2 teachers in each class. Also It is very important that Preschool teachers maintains good communication with parents.

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