Pavagadh Hill & Mahakali Temple, Gujarat

Pavagadh Hill is about 47 kilometres away from Vadodara city. Pavagadh is a beautiful Hill also famous for Maa Mahakali Temple on the hill top. The Pavagadh hill rises to a height of nearly 800 m from sea level.  Pavagadh gets its name from the fact that it is a solitary hill standing out alone, blessed with a blowing gentle breeze from all around. There are two lakes – Chhasia Talao and Dudhiya Talao on Pavagadh hill.

Pavagadh is a very beautiful hill to visit, good photographic location, many scenic trails to climb, and view of waterfalls during monsoon time.

The Maha Kali Temple at Pavagadh is the oldest in the area, from the 10th-11th centuries is at the summit of Pavagadh hill. This Mahakali Temple is believed to be one of the Shakti Peeth in India. It is believed that the valley surrounding Pavagadh was filled up by the power of the sage Viswamitra and called Vishwamitri River later. The Hindu devotees were coming to visit this temple from long before the development of Champaner as a major city, and they continued for hundreds of years after its decline, right up to the present day. The temple has large and an open chowk in front, the idol of Kalika Mata in the inner sanctum is only the head, painted in red. There are also images of Maha Kali and a yantra of Goddess Bahuchara.

To reach the temple at the summit is about a 5 km walk along a jungle footpath to the top of the hill; otherwise, there is a rope way which will haul you to Manchi from about the midway point, which is the last place accessible by road on Pavagadh Hill.

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