Promote Reading skills in kids

Do you read to your child every day?

Studies have shown that reading for fifteen to twenty minutes every day promotes love for reading in kids. This is the best gift you can give to your child and it will create love for books that will grow with them. Here we are talking about reading outside the syllabus books; which can be small stories, kid friendly magazines, kids’ articles or a storybook. Young kids really love listening to stories; stories have more impact on them than textbooks.

Do you want your child to be an effective problem solver? Do you want your child to think outside the box and explore beyond textbooks?  Do you want to promote literacy skills in your child? We have some secrets to share with you. Some Tips that can be used during story time to get most out of this quality time.

You can access hundreds of kids books from local library. Pick a Story book with lots of pictures in it. Kids really love to imagine while reading stories.

Building curiosity and imagination

First just read the title of the Story and run through the pages of the book. Then ask your child what he or she thinks the story is all about?  Kids have great imagination; let them express their ideas and imagination about the story. This will build curiosity and imagination in kids.

Interactive reading

Change your voices as you read the story to make it more interactive.

For example a king’s voice would be different than a princess or the sad voice is different than a happy voice.

Go along with story and make it sound very interesting by changing voices. This is very important and the next time your child will retell the story he will remember and change his voices too.

Sight words and Print Concepts:

Run your fingers from left to right as you read. This may sound simple, but running your fingers under the words as you read has many valuable lessons for young readers.  This way young kids catch up sight words and preschoolers get an idea of how to read.  Your child may also begin to recognize the sight words you are reading and may even start to recognize sight words used frequently in books. Point out Punctuation like explanation point, question mark or full stop or comma. This is good way to make kids familiar with common punctuation.


As you read you may come across some words that kids do not understand the meaning. Pick some of those words as you read and discuss what it means. Give simple examples to explain the word.

For instance if the story says; “As we entered the toy store we saw an enormous toy train inside.” The kids may not know the meaning of enormous. Explain the meaning of the word like “Enormous means Huge, really big or giant. As we entered the toy store we saw a huge toy train.”Then ask your child to come up with a sentence with the word enormous.

This is a wonderful opportunity to expand your child’s vocabulary. This will help the kids in express their ideas in words and promotes verbal skills.

Retelling the Story:

Once the story is finished ask your child few things about the story, for instance what is the favorite part of the story? What was the morel of the story? This is a great way to allow kids explore their ideas about the story and express their ides in words. Ask your child retell the story if he likes to. Make it fun and do not expect to retell the whole story as it was said. Eventually they will get better as you read often.

Enjoy great books together and gather a bit of extra learning as you read! You will see a difference in your child just in few days!

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