Sri Aurobindo Niwas, Vadodara

Sri Aurobindo Niwas Vadodara

Sri Aurobindo Ghose, the great poet, social and political thinker, patriot, teacher, yogi and philosopher, Sri Aurobindo had lived for 14 years in Baroda. He lived here during his time in Vadodara. Sri Arvind Nivas was a private bungalow constructed in 1890, using red bricks and mortar. Aurobindo shifted to this house in 1893 and lived here up to 1906.

This House is then called ‘Arvind Nivas’, which has been developed as a national memorial to him, and is being maintained by Sri Aurobindo Society Baroda. This house was under the possession of Gujarat Government till 1971, and was being used by the top district officials as their residence. On a request by Sri Aurobindo Society, the Government handed over the possession to it with a view to developing it as a permanent memorial to Sri Aurobindo, and for propagating his teachings and ideals throughout the world.

Tourists and followers visit Sri Aurobindo Nivas daily, which also houses a permanent photo exhibition, named Aurobindo Jeevan Darshan,’depicting his major events in life and writings, set up in the main building in 1993. The Niwas, with a library, sales outlet and space for meditation is open from 9am-7pm.

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